Why ATGATT Is Super Important?

Why ATGATT Is Super Important?

ATGATT stands for 'All The Gear All The Time'. On the surface, riding gear may seem like an add-on item that enhances your riding experience. But in reality, riding gear is a necessity. Apart from the unparalleled convenience it provides, it addresses the biggest and inherent issue with riding motorcycles, safety.

In other countries like Europe and the USA, motorcycle riding gear has become synonymous with bikes. You will not see anyone ride a bike without riding gear in USA, let alone without a helmet. Europe is also looking into mandating riding gear in the near future. Granted, the scale in India is much bigger, and bikes sell in much higher volumes in our country than the aforementioned countries. But that makes the need for change even more urgent. Wearing riding gear whenever riding may seem counterintuitive in the beginning, but just like wearing seat-belts, it's something all riders should follow for the safety of themselves.

Plus, as mentioned before, they can be pretty convenient. On rainy days, it empowers you to ride without getting soaked, on cold days, it does a great job in keeping you warm. Other nifty touches make riding a bike a better experience than it already is.

ATGATT, is the way to go, make it a habit, encourage everyone around you to do the same and make riding a safer affair for everyone.

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