Importance Of Rain & Thermal Liners

Importance Of Rain & Thermal Liners

Couple of underrated pieces of clothing in riding jackets and pants are the rain and thermal liners. They add more functionality to your riding gear, and make riding enjoyable even in less ideal weather conditions. For those who live in areas which don’t demand either of these, this is not a big deal. But for those who do, it’s a boon. Today I will explain the functions of rain and thermal liners and talk about who would need what.

Rain Liners

A rain liner, as the name suggests, is a piece of water-resistant clothing that attaches underneath the gear to prevent you from getting wet in the rain. To make it simpler, it’s essentially a raincoat that attaches beneath your jacket or pants. Since they are detachable, they don’t even add extra bulk and weight to carry around when the sun is shining. 

If you are a person living in a rainy area, or go joyriding in areas where it rains, you would certainly appreciate the difference rain liners bring, when the conditions are less than ideal. So, for those who do live in areas where it rains, it’s better to go for gear which has rain liners built-in.

Thermal Liners

A thermal liner is also a piece of detachable clothing that provides insulation during cold times. The inner part of a thermal liner is made up of a felt-like material. Again, in simpler terms, a thermal liner is like a sweater that attaches to your riding jacket. Like rain liners, the detachable nature of the thermal liner means that removing it would be an easy affair on toasty days.

The utility and the comfort provided by the thermal liners will definitely be revered by those who live in areas which demand thermally insulating clothing. So those who live in hilly areas, or simply areas which are cold, purchase of gear with thermal liner is advisable. Even if you don’t live in such areas, it’s still advisable to get a jacket or pants with thermal liners, as I suspect there will be times where it can get cold and uncomfortable even in warm areas.


Rain and thermal liners bring more utility into the protective gear one wears, and make the bike a vehicle that can be used at any time. As mentioned before, even if you do not live in rainy or cold places, it is still better to go for products which offer these just in case, as finding one after purchase can be quite cumbersome. The FK-R Signature Collection comes with both liners as standard.

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