Gear, Riding & Safety


As of 2017, bike accident fatalities have accounted to a staggering 33 percent of all road accident fatalities. That number translates to about 47,000 deaths, in just one year. Reckless driving in our country is a major issue, and such drivers are littered around every vicinity. Paying the price for a mistake done by someone else is atrocious. The least we can do is protect ourselves first.

All riders love their motorcycles. The ride is liberating and the machine, an extension of their being. While most riders ensure safety, a fall or two is part of everyone's history. This is where motorcycle riding gear plays a pivotal role in keeping you safe. 

Beyond cushioning a fall and ensuring minimum physical damage, riding gear shields you from the harsh weather and corrosive pollution. 

It doesn’t matter what motorcycle one rides, but how one rides it. It's unfair to judge a motorcycle enthusiast by the size of his/her bike, so we weigh it against the passion that fuels their enthusiasm on two wheels.

FK-R firmly believes in the concept of ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time), no matter how short the ride is, always gear up, top to bottom. Riding gear is part of your skin on a motorcycle.