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Armour -

CE Certification - This mark indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for all products sold.

Level 2 - CE Level 2 offers you the best impact protection. While level 1 armour is rated for an average impact force of 18 kN (kilo Newton) or less, as its the pressure, that is force-per-unit-area that causes damage to our body, no particular reading should be higher than 24 kN. Coming to level 2, this reading is halved. We are seeing a maximum value of 9 kN, with no particular reading going higher than 12 kN.

T+ T- are temperature tests done on riding gear protectors. T+ stands for 40-degrees Celsius while T- is -10-degrees Celsius, thereby having an operating range of 50 degrees.

Connection Zipper - The YKK connection zipper is used to attach the riding jacket to any riding pant accurately, securely and comfortably.

Scaphoid Protection - The scaphoid protection eliminates the grab effect of leather gloves. It allows the hand to slide forward at the same speed as the rider, reducing the chances of fractures.

Armour - The armour is a protective covering which is used to prevent damage from being inflicted to an object, individual or vehicle.

Reflective Strips - These strips reflect light back to the light source, example - a vehicle's headlights. This results in enhanced visibility of the rider and helps avoid any incidents.

TPU Protectors - A thermoplastic polyurethane protector is a chemically enhanced plastic which has properties like scratch resistance, elasticity, oil resistance and increased toughness. It also has some self-healing abilities.

Absorption Zones - They help absorb and spread the impact of a direct blow and they can reduce the severity of fractures or joint damage.

Safetech - Safetech is an Italian company which manufactures safety protectors for motorsports, offering lightweight, flexible and comfortable armour made from ViscoFlex material.

Impact Protection - The impact protectors are made of foam edges and they can be used to prevent or minimise damage from impacts and knocks. These include joint protectors, spine protectors and chest protectors.

Abrasion - Abrasion protection helps riders avoid cuts, gravel rashes and friction burns from contact with the road. This protection also saves the rider from skin and muscle damage, as well as infections from these damages.

Material and Construction -

DuPont Sorona Bio-Tech Fibre - The Sorona fibre used in fabrics provides softness, volume and is quick to dry and resists fading. It is a high performance fibre made from plant-based ingredients.

600D - 600D means 600 Denier. Denier is a unit which calculates the thickness of a fabric. The higher the number behind the D, the thicker the fabric. 600D polyester is a heavy duty fabric which is also very durable.

PU Coating - PU coated fabrics have a polyurethane waterproof coating which is applied to a single side of the base fabric and it makes the fabric water resistant, lightweight and flexible.

Accordion Stretch Panels - Accordion stretch panels on riding gear are used to maximise rider comfort while touring long distances. These panels have a ribbed form which enhances the flexibility and comfort of the gear.

Grip Controlled Panels -

Full Grain Leather - Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. The grain is tight and thus it resists moisture very well. Over time, it also starts looking better and better.

HD Foam - High density foam has a strong cell structure which makes the material highly durable and long lasting. The density of the foam indicates the quality and durability.

Chassis - It is the structure of the jacket and gloves, from stitch to stitch.

Visor Wiper - A visor wiper is a useful tool which you can use to wipe your visor when it is wet or dirty. This ensures your visor remains clean and offers good visibility.

Girth Adjustors - These are straps that are placed on the jacket for adjusting the tightness around the forearms, biceps, wrist and waist.

Micro Fibre - Micro fibre is a synthetic fibre which is finer than 1 Denier. It has a diameter of less than 10 micrometers and is smaller than the diameter of a strand of silk. It has water absorbing qualities and is comfortable and durable.

Heat Stitched - Both layers of the liners are heat stitched so that they don't move around and the holes allow free passage of air.

Liners - Liners are the interface between the human body and the riding gear. They are installed so that the body doesn't brush against the actual material of the riding gear and this keeps the body away from discomfort, rashes, etc. Liners are made up of a very soft yet lasting material.

Comfort -

Breathable Shell - Breathability is the ability for a fabric to allow moisture vapour to pass through the material. It is very useful in when the weather is hot and it allows some fresh air to pass inside to keep the body cool. It soaks up sweat and allows heat to escape the body.

Mesh - Mesh is a knitted fabric which has a large number of closely spaced holes. It adds a lot of breathability to the apparel and is quite tough & difficult to damage.

Touring Fit - Our riding gear has a relaxed fit, which means it feels super comfortable on long rides. Since the fitting isn't very tight, it feels very breathable, easy to move around in and comfy enough to not make the rider feel claustrophobic.